Oslo Lux, sketchnotes

February 13, 2013Journal

[one_third]Here’s all my sketchnotes from last weeks OsloLux, a great day with good talks. It was quite a rush, 15 speakers in one day, but looking at the result I’m happy. Also, maybe, for the first time in sketchnoting history, glow in the dark sketching. We were given blacklight pens for our name tags:-) I’ve … Read More


October 2, 2012Journal

Produced and designed by Eva-Lotta Sandberg & me (after watching the news yesterday). Ikea ‘regrets’ removal of women from Saudi catalogue

Please wait…

April 16, 2012Journal

My submission to the exhibit “Please wait” (http://www.pleasewa.it/) I never wait, I don’t have time. The smaller beach ball reads: Volume of time I wait for my wife While the larger reads: Volume of time my wife waits for me

Long John widget

December 18, 2011Journal

For all of you not made for the Nordic freeze, along comes the Long John osx widget. Now it’s time to put on your extra layer, but don’t despair watch the widget count down to spring and your first day of only boxers!