Your old deck was left to die… Meet:

Skatefins 2.0!

H: 20mm W: 60mm D: 70mm

3D printed PLA

Pencil sketchbook, 123D Design, Ultimaker

On yet another dumpster dive I found three well-used skateboards. I could probably ride them but my deck is still good to go, so these three became the first skatefin boards.

Skatefins started out as a silly idea while having fun in the snow covered slopes with my kids. I bought an old skateboard deck for some mini snowboarding. It didn't work well…

What if I could make fins like you have on surf boards?.

So I went to my sketchbook and came up with the basic shape and concept.

From welded prototype to 3D printed fins… Download and make it better!

Want it?!

You have three options. Have a printer? Do it yourself or have it printed and shipped to you by Shapeways. The last option is me printing it for you and mailing it.

The Skatefin is still in beta so by ordering these you are part of a beta testing group:-)

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€5.30 (x4)Total of €21.00
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The Skatefin is licensed under Creative Commons, Attribution & Share Alike license


As with all my projects, they start out as an idea first captured on paper
Since this has been a project going on for ages, tweaks to the 3D file is made all the time.
Growing Skatefins… can't help but I love looking at 3D printers:-)

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