Cine Ambulante

The Travelling Cinema Cine Ambulante5 Welding Bike frame Material Boxes and casings 3D printing New parts for 8mm Tools All my tools! Can't stop smiling…Cine Ambulante, the traveling cinema, is a performance project where found footage is projected onto urban environments with vintage film equipment. A custom built bike holds a 12-volt car battery powering [...]

Portable Button Machine

Button up! Portable Button Machine Dimension 40 cm (including handle) Material Wood and hinges Tools Table saw and sand paper Closed, open, mini box inside…Who doesn't love buttons?! I think they are super fun to make and wear. I had all the part for this machine stacked away in a plastic box collecting dust because [...]

Hyper Portable Light Projection

Bring it anywhere: Hyper PortableLight Projection Dimension H: 20mm W: 60mm D: 70mm Material Found wood scraps Some metal Electronics Lenses, 20W lamp, switches & battery (12v) Tools Table saw, wood glue, nails Side view, closed and open…This build started with a trashed guitar found in a container. I really love the shape and the [...]